Thursday, July 19, 2012


Nadirah’s Perspective:

As my birthday month of June came and went so quickly, I wanted to take the time to reflect on an awesome restaurant here in Chicago, III Forks Prime Steakhouse. I was introduced to this place when my wonderful husband decided to throw me a surprise birthday dinner/party with the secret assistance of my beautifully spirited best friend, Telesha.  I’m still plotting my payback! Now I will admit that you may find it a bit challenging when trying to locate it by way of Map Quest, Google, etc. The best way I know how to describe the route is “head to the Lower Wacker Car Pound and make a right at the corner.” I’m sure some of you know where that horrid car dungeon is located thanks to the lovely hospitality from the City of Chicago, should you find that your meter has ran out or there is no signage posted where you parked your car… excuse me as I digress.  Anyhoo, the address is 333 East Benton Place, Suite 208, which means that it is situated on the corner across from a park within the confinement of what looks to be a warehouse of stores structurally encased by glass.  Please keep in mind that they do offer valet service right on the corner to alleviate the hassle of searching for rare or nonexistent street parking (remember the infamous car pound is right across the park).    

Greeted warmly by our hostess, we were escorted thorough the dining area of polished hard wood floors and white linen tables until we were seated in the rear area by a beautiful black enclosed fireplace that was adjacent to the floor to ceiling windows that offered a scenic view of neighbors congregating in the park for an evening of yoga---a ploy to keep me away from the view of the front door.  Our waiter, Mike was very attentive and funny.  He presented me with a “Birthday Cake Martini” (later learned that my girlfriend sent it to me) that tasted exactly like a sweet birthday cake that was infused with a barrel of liquor. One of those drinks that sneaks up on you after you leave the table, YEAH!!!  After giving us a detailed rundown on the menu, I decided on the III Forks Salad (consisted of mixed greens, granny smith apples, pecans, feta cheese, with a vinaigrette dressing), Filet Mignon Oscar Style (topped with crab meat), Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce, and Sautéed Spinach. I’m not overly exaggerating when I say that everything tasted delicious. When I ate the III Forks salad, I immediately wanted to share… and NADIRAH DOESN’T SHARE FOOD! The crunch of fresh greens, sweet/sour taste of the apple, meaty texture of the pecans, and the creamy taste of the feta cheese created a flavorful and fulfilling salad. I had to force myself to stop eating it, just so I would maintain my appetite for the rest of my meal.

When the main entrée arrived, the plate appeared as a simple work of art (I tried to include a photo below but I already started to eat the entree).  The first bite revealed the perfect medium-well filet that was moist and well-seasoned with pepper.  The jumbo lump crab meat immediately became my steak sauce.  Every slice of beef was met with crab and a little swirl of the hollandaise sauce… OMG, I’M HUNGRY AGAIN.    Let’s not forget the spears of asparagus and sautéed spinach which was a great complement to the meal.  I could literally taste the butter and garlic that was infused within the spinach.  I honestly could have eaten the spinach by itself as a meal.  I probably wouldn’t have a friend to talk to afterward but I wouldn’t care! I must also mention that the wait staff rotates around the room with unlimited dishes of sliced tomatoes and grilled green onions to enhance your meal.

In general, I had a wonderful dining experience that any foodie would greatly appreciate. A welcoming hostess, an attentive manager, an entertaining waiter, a delectable meal created by a talented chef… what more could a birthday girl ask for?!  

FYI, I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with the Executive Chef Clark Grant, who was very personable and made sure that we were comfortable and thoroughly enjoying ourselves on the rooftop.  Keep doing what you are doing Clark because you are truly gifted in the culinary arts.  We will definitely be back at III Forks!  J   

Troy’s Perspective:

III Forks Prime Steakhouse is a Chicago gem that you must experience. Unfortunately, if unfamiliar with the area, the address is hard to find. Once the place is found, you are welcomed to a spectacular experience. I surprised my wife with dinner and the presence of her close friends. Our experience was 1st class. Reservations were made ahead of time for her friends to surprise my wife after dinner on the rooftop for drinks.

From the beginning, the ambiance was one of modern décor with Midwest flair. Prices were moderate, but as we all know, “you pay for quality.” My wife and I had to sit in the back next to the fireplace so my wife would not recognize her friends as they made their way to the rooftop for her birthday surprise. By the time we ate, our meal was impressive and service was 5-Star. Due to the look of satisfaction and pure joy from every bite my wife took, I was pleased that she was enjoying her birthday meal. The highlight of the evening was surely going to the rooftop after we ate dinner to meet her friends. The environment of III Forks’ rooftop and the scenery of downtown Chicago is a sight to behold. Just remember that the option of eating on the rooftop is available which is great for any occasion. Once we arrived on the rooftop, my wife’s friends welcomed her with a greeting of “surprise!” As we enjoyed our evening, we were introduced to the exceptional chef, Clark Grant. This man is brilliant at his craft and quite humorous as well. Overall, are experience was one to remember and I can’t wait to go back. III forks is truly is a hidden treasure that if in Chicago it is a necessity that you enjoy the gratifying taste that your pallet is sure to enjoy along with the alluring downtown landscape. 

The Birthday Girl With Her Loving Husband

Welcome to III Forks Prime Steakhouse!

III Forks Salad

What's left of my entree!

Executive Chef Clark Grant