Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Nadirah’s Perspective:

Every year, millions of people go to extraordinary measures to run around for last minute gifts, overbooked reservations, overpriced candies, and overstuffed animals to perpetuate a religiously conceptualize and lucrative price pointed Hallmark Greeting Card holiday called Saint Valentine’s Day.  Now before I continue, I will provide this disclaimer: I AM NOT A BITTER, UNLOVED, SINGLE WOMAN WHO HATES HOLIDAYS!  Who I am is a woman who is tired of having commercially advertised ploys dictate to me how I should spend my money or time with my husband or others that I deeply love.  Understand that I am all about openly sharing my heart-felt emotions of appreciation and love; however, I practice this every single day.  This leads to me to my point… Love should be shared and celebrated with one another on a daily basis and not on two days out of the calendar year (don’t forget Sweetest Day)!  I don’t mind calling up my love ones/friends and telling them I love them. Please don’t misunderstand me or my discourse because I know that there are some who will be celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or a significant moment on February 14 but I also know that it doesn't take a dozen red roses delivered this Thursday to reinforce a relationship.  Those same flowers would have the same meaning if given this Friday, next Thursday, or the 14th of June.  So people please don’t let one day command how we express our love for one another.  Let’s bless others with our love on a daily basis!

To my adoring husband, I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!
To my family and friends, I LOVE YOU GUYS J   

Troy’s Perspective:

My wife makes several obvious facts regarding the ideology of Valentine’s Day. It’s funny that most people don’t know that Valentine’s Day started as a religious holiday (I just found out myself). Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a day that is celebrated once a year and highly commercialized for the profits of big business. I do agree that due to the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, it brings us back to the reality of taking time out and expressing the gesture of I LOVE YOU to that special someone. Often times our daily activities, demands, and stress misdirects our attention of communicating the love we have for others. I make a conscious effort to display my love to my wife and family on a daily basis, not just on holidays (Love You Baby!!!). Each and every day that I can bring a smile to my wife’s face is truly a day worth living.

Conveying your love for others should take place daily and special occasions with love ones should happen spontaneously because it’s more memorable and appreciated. The most important aspect of conveying your love is putting everything aside and spending time with others, which is priceless. The overpriced dinners, cavity-causing chocolates and roses that will die next week cannot substitute the treasured time in the presence of your love. Be creative by cooking crab legs and/or lobster at home, be resourceful with chocolate syrup or be artistic with the sprinkle of rose petals wherever you choose. That is a special day to remember!!!!