Friday, January 31, 2014




Nadirah's Perspective:

     Happy New Year Readers!!! January came and will quickly leave behind thoughts of how our culture as rapidly changed.  If you were born in the 70's, raised to the music/television of the 80's, kicked it in the 90's, flipped out over the new millennium (remember Y2K), and eased into present time, you will understand our standpoint of the consistent but questionable change we've witnessed.  Every era of time we experience is introducing us to a new Pop Culture. Whether beehive hairdos, moonwalking dance moves, flower power, afros, the Beatles, Tupperware, remodeled cars, rock & roll, Hip Hop, Andy Warhol, and so on and so forth, every person has witnessed a significant change in our concept of Pop Culture. However, is today's "Pop Culture" iconic or just plain insane?

     Justin Beiber and Lil Wayne sipping on seizure-inducing $800.00 syrup, Lohan revolving doors through rehab, food addictions, blue meth addiction due to the glorification of TV's Breaking Bad phenomenon, Crocodile Heroin, addiction to idolizing entertainers, addiction to reality television shows, smart phone addictions (Crackberry/Apple picking assaults), addiction to violence through games/movies/music, sex addiction, social networking into the wee hours …. are you seeing a pattern? 

     Don't get me wrong, we all have our vises. Unfortunately, our current fast-paced technology is catapulting our vises into full-blown addictions.  For example, this past weekend we experienced internet withdrawal because our modem/router broke.  Everyone in the household felt naked and went damn-near crazy.  Now with our crisis averted, we made it our business to do two overdue blog posts on our newfound revelations. 

     Perhaps we could justify this state of addiction to the ever-changing new generations and our ability to upgrade technology at the speed of light.  Nevertheless, society has to bare witness that the world is moving too fast and too crazy for our young-minded children and even adults.  ATTENTION PLEASE PEOPLE,  let's try to stay atop of what we and our children are listening to, eating, doing and watching; in the hopes that the problems that these current addictions/pop culture icons are causing do not multiply into a catastrophe-filled pandemic.    



Troy's Perspective: 

     America’s Pop Culture is full of addictive traits from food, friends, entertainment, lifestyle, relationships and self. We want everything fast, quick and in a hurry. America’s addiction to food is expanding along with our belt sizes. More children are obese along with abnormal health issues than ever before. Our relationships with our spouses, friends and family are becoming increasingly distant and dysfunctional due to social media and texting. We rarely have heart to heart conversations and when we do, they tend to be filled with disrespectful words, such as, N*gga & B*tch. We strive for ease and comfort, but become stressed out from our environments and overwhelming pressures that build and become unbearable. We value our self-worth by the capital that we are able to acquire and pay no mind to the inner connection to our spirit. The God-given gift of health is placed on the back burner for daily instant gratification of our senses of pleasure. We are in a hurry to satisfy all of our sensory needs, but lack the will and want to please the need to exercise for our own health. 

     Where is our love for self and others? Is "Love" a lost art that has to be taught to our children because they are not taught by the world in which they live. Relationships come and go like the wind. People are getting married before they learn their spouses’ middle name or even meet their parents; and couples get divorced before the change of the season. We are un-friending family, holding grudges on Facebook and kids are getting bullied via social media. People tend to love money before self, family and the world in which we live. Entertainment (music and movies) focuses on the marketing of sex and drugs, which is brainwashing the importance of life itself. Rich, fatty, sweet & salty fast foods diminish our health but the American pallet craves the taste of these evil indulgences. 

     Television, Internet, Smartphones, Xbox and I-Pad’s invade every American household. We have more accessories in our homes than books to read. The microwave is the focal point of cooking and the daily urge to buy something consumes us all. Water was something that we could go to the nearest water source and drink to replenish our dehydrated bodies. Nowadays, we have to consume water from plastic bottles that yet feed us another toxic source creating changes in our DNA.  Chemicals are being pumped into animals/vegetables for bigger, faster production and in our air to keep away mosquitoes. When I grew up, kids played outside until the street lights came on. Dreading to see the lights shimmering in the darkness created panic until the next day of play for the kids as their parents screamed their names from the front porch. The First Lady now has to beg kids and create campaigns for kids to go exercise for 60 minutes a day. Pills, thrills and squeals!!! We seek pills for solutions to our problems. Fast thrills come easy resulting in squeals from within from not knowing where we fit into this equation of the world's puzzle. Quick, fast and in a hurry … take a minute to think about our future. Now what are you going to do about it?