Monday, December 14, 2015


Nadirah’s Perspective:

     Upon the recommendation of a friend, hubby and I ventured to the restaurant, “Slurping Turtle.” Located on 116 W. Hubbard in Chicago, the restaurant has made its reputation by serving Japanese comfort food. First off, don’t be fooled by the almost sunken in black door. Once you enter, head to the far back of the corridor and turn left and you would have arrived.  We got there by 6:30 pm and it was a bit crowded.  It’s not a huge space but they make the most of it by having booths on the outer perimeter with two large communal tables in the middle and a small bar on the side.  Hubby and I decided to sit at the bar versus the communal tables for more privacy.  Our bartender/server, Victor was so awesome by being attentive to our needs and helping us with descriptions or suggestions about every aspect of our drinks and meal.

Troy and I are at it again

The entrance so don't walk past it
     We first started with the Sake Flight #2 because it had included sake that was champagne-like in taste.  For appetizers, we ordered Chilled Edamame with Yuzu Sea Salt, Beef Short Ribs that were grilled, marinated short ribs over Harusame  (Cellophane/Vermicelli) noodles, but we were also given Miso Soup. I enjoyed both dishes but the Beef Short Ribs were my favorite.  Tender and tasty, my only complaint is that the serving potion needs to be bigger. Between Troy and I, we only ate two pieces each, which was a major tease.

Miso Soup

Chilled Edamame 

Beef Short Ribs (View 1)

Beef Short Ribs (View 2)

      For my entrée, I ordered Tan Tan Men Ramen, which is a Spicy Ramen noodles dish consisting of Pork Meatballs, Pork Miso, Pork Chashu (braised pork belly), Bok Choy, and Bean Sprouts.  This soupy dish is reminiscent of under the weather comfort food.  Hot and spicy, this meat-filled flavorful soup was delicious. I usually don’t go for spicy meals, but this dish was on point. I had been fighting a sinus problem and this dish opened everything in my head and nose.  The ramen was firm, meatballs were tasty, and the entrée portions were plentiful.  I enjoyed every bite and even had a little left over to take home for later. 

Tan Tan Men Ramen (View 1)

Tan Tan Men Ramen (View 2)

     The finale was the Hot Shochu Apple Cider, which was a mixture of Sugar Cane Shochu (distilled spirit similar to vodka) and mulled Michigan Apple Cider. Sweet and spiced with a hint of citrus, due to the orange rind floating in this hot concoction, I immediately fell in love with this drink. 

Hot Shochu Apple Cider

I really enjoyed myself here and would definitely recommend this place. Great prices, delicious comfort food options and an awesome bartender made this visit worth it. My only advice would be if you decide to go on the weekday, you get there before heavy dining hours to have an option to sit in a booth. Otherwise, you will be sharing elbowroom with complete strangers at the communal tables.

Communal Table Dining

Troy’s Perspective:

     The experience of Slurping Turtle Restaurant was definitely an adventure. Chartering new territory, trying innovative things and meeting different people sums up our exploration. We started the night at Slurping Turtle with communal dining. This is a great way to meet others that you may not have any interest to know, but for the sake of this review and taking advantage of the time with my wife, we quickly moved to the bar for more privacy. Victor, the bartender, was fantastic. Along with explaining the entire wine menu, he gave us fantastic suggestions to start off the night. We began our nights adventure with the sake trio starting with a bold, sour to sweet flavors. The sake with the boldest flavor was for me the most favorable, only because Tequila is usually my preferred drink.

Victor (Our Awesome Bartender)

Sake Flight #2

     We started of our meal with Beef Short Ribs that were savory, pleasing to the pallet and leaves you wanting more. The ribs were marinated in a teriyaki/barbecue sauce that is sweet and tangy and really plays well with the tender meat of the ribs. The Chahan Stir-Fry that was recommended for me was comprised of Japanese fried rice with egg, vegetables medley, and choice of protein. I chose the shrimp and chicken. It was well seasoned, aromatic, and embellishes a true essence of the Asian culture. I simply loved it. 

Chahan Stir -Fry with Shrimp & Chicken (View 1)

Chahan Stir Fry with Shrimp & Chicken (View 2)

I encourage everyone to be adventurous and explore the fresh taste that Slurping Turtle has to offer.  It is absolutely “Lugg Approved.”