Thursday, September 6, 2012


Nadirah’s Perspective:

Every four years, Americans are given the great responsible of choosing a new presidential leader.  This civil right allows us to be a part of history by voicing our opinions of who we want as our nation’s representative.   Many times I have run across an individual that really believes that it is a waste of time to go to the polls and vote because it’s “rigged.”  The irony that I’m faced with is that even though I totally disagree with that frame of thought, I will defend tooth and nail that as an American, they have that right to think that way and say so aloud.  The internal struggle I often find myself fighting is the urge to start an open forum/debate on the documented history of others (African-Americans and women) organizing, finding legal and spiritual representation brave enough to face the judicial system and demand a revision of the U.S. Constitution, tolerate harassment, endure physical and psychological torture, suffer from police brutality, and so on; just to have the freedom to be seen as an equal human being with the right to vote.  Today, we are faced with a political party that wants to end Planned Parenthood and medical coverage for cancer patients, dismantle Medicare, and cut financial aid, while maintaining tax breaks for the wealthy and leading the ideology to homeowners that are facing foreclosures, “Don't try to stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.” These are topics that should be enough of a reason why we should all exercise our right to vote.  I worry about the state of our government and what will be the outcome for our middle and low income families.  People depend on free health care and medical coverage for cancer patients.  On a personally note, my mother was blessed to be diagnosed and treated through this very same coverage, but what about the other women who were not fortunate to reside in a state that offer free medical coverage for women that are diagnosed with cancer.  What do they do?  Suffer in silence because they can’t afford the doctors, medications, and/or treatments.  It’s not fair and it’s not right!  

We are at a pivotal point in this election year and people better wake up from these sluggish comas that projects visions of sugar plum fairies and fairy dust making it better for our low and middle income families. People are losing their homes, jobs and are struggling everyday to make ends meet because of poor choices made 12 years ago.  Now we have a presidential candidate that publically admitted, “I like firing people,” in other words, putting profits before people.  We have a current Speaker of the House that made national news when his honest response regarding the nature of the election and whether or not minority groups will vote for the Republican candidate was made public.  “This election is about economics… These groups have been hit the hardest. They may not show up and vote for our candidate but I’d suggest to you they won’t show up and vote for the president either.” WTF…L

I know that I can’t go house to house pleading with people to vote, however, my husband and I will use this blog as a platform to extend the fact and importance of our voices thorough the action of our ballots.  You cannot in good conscience sit on your posterior complaining about the government unless you get up, get out and vote for a cause. Whether you vote Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, etc., do your research, read over these candidates’ platforms and go vote for something and someone you believe in. 
REGISTER AND GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy’s Perspective:

The right to vote is something that I as an American have the privilege and obligation to participate in. Many believe that their vote doesn’t count nor make a difference when in reality it does. Many have petitioned, been imprisoned and even lost their lives for future generations to obtain the right to vote. Even today, many states are in litigation due to various laws that have been passed to withhold the right to vote unless certain obligations are fulfilled. The problem is that the necessary obligations are bias towards the poor and benefit the wealthy in the voting turn out. Being the only American born from an immigrant father from Jamaica in my family, the freedom to vote and voice an opinion is my obligation to my past ancestors of America and Jamaica that have died for the opportunity that I now possess. Family or Business first is the basis for this election. One candidate promotes his past of leading companies that will carry over to the White House as a solution to lead America to success. On the other hand, the president is promoting, “leading a nation to greatness.” The difference is quite clear and evident.  Make a decision and choose at the poles with what is important to you on November 6th.  Do your research to make the best decision for your future. You cannot be pro-jobs, if you’re not pro education!

I personally know that more Americans relate to a person that grew up in a single parent family home (sometimes without health insurance), receive support and rearing from other family members (grandmother, etc.) and took out student loans further higher education. This simply outlines the typical American family that millions can not only relate to but are living today. One candidate’s lifestyle was totally different; with his father being governor of Massachusetts, a presidential candidate, chief executive of a top motor company, this candidate clearly did not have the struggles that the average American has to go through on a daily basis. This candidate also spoke to a group of college students and stated, “If you want to start a business, ask your parents for the money,”…  Really!  Is this guy serious, how is he really going to look after my interest when he cannot relate to the interest of the average American?  By personally following our government, one party was very adamant about fighting to abolish the laws of affirmative action, health care for all, equal wages for women and gay marriage. Importantly, one party has no morals or ethics but innate greed to make money for themselves and their constituents. The difference in this election is clear among both parties, make the choice. Family or business, I choose family every time because who and where would we be without family.


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