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FYI: We were stuck at Hong Kong International Airport for over eight hours and we used our time wisely by sampling food throughout the airport.

The Green Market (Hong Kong Airport)

N: This restaurant is located in Terminal 1 of Arrivals across from Starbucks, hidden behind a fountain and elevator.  Hubby and I started our airport food journey here and shared a Crab and Mango Salad, which consist of crab meat, sliced mangos, shredded cucumbers, mayo dressing, and roe. This dish had a tasty combination of refreshing (mangos), crisp (cucumbers), salty (roe) and sweet (dressing). What a perfect balance!!! We noticed they also offered a salad bar that looked very appetizing but hubby and I wanted to pace ourselves. We quickly noticed that a lot of the airport and airline personnel were enjoying lunch there and that is always a good sign.  If an eatery has high traffic and employees are willing to spend their time/money there, chances are that there is something good cooking over there. 
T: The Green Market is truly a hidden gem, tucked away in the corner of Hong Kong International Airport. The Green Market is the one of the healthiest options available in this massive modern marvel of an airport. Serving savory salads and mouthwatering soups/noodle dishes, Green Market offers a moment of serenity and relaxation to the health-conscious traveler. As many airport employees frequent the daily specials, travelers can benefit from the extensive salad bar or chose from a wide array of skillfully prepared dishes accurately arranged to excite your taste buds. This Japanese restaurant spares no expense from the extensive beverage choice to the eclectic ingredients used to create artistic dishes. Every bite is like, “music to the mouth with my tongue continuously dancing.” The wifey and I are sure to make that a “must stop” whenever in Hong Kong International Airport.

“Enjoyed the adventure started… at the Green Market.”




 Peak Lookout (Hong Kong Airport)

N: Located on the second floor, facing the entrance of the airport, this restaurant recently opened its doors roughly three-four weeks ago.  With its white linen tablecloths, wait staff donning black and white attire, and a menu comprising comfort and exotic dishes from every region of the world, this place really transformed our minds into thinking we were dining at a five star bistro on the Magnificent Mile of Chicago. We ordered the BBQ Surf and Turf Skewer, which consist of Wagyu beef medallions and Prawns, our chosen sauce and a side dish: Homemade Tangy BBQ and Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Salad with Balsamic Dressing, and Coleslaw. The prawns were deliciously grilled but the highlight of the meal was the Wagyu beef that was served medium-well, tender and lightly seasoned. The homemade BBQ sauce was a great compliment to the meal but a perfectly grilled/seasoned piece of quality meat never needs any sauce and this was one of those exceptions. The mashed potatoes were creamy and buttery and the salad seemed to be a mesclun mix (spinach, arugula, and etcetera). The coleslaw was sweet and crunchy with celery seeds and raisins… was the best ever!!!  We must mention that this masterpiece was headed up by Chef Christopher Shannon.  Unlike some places where the air is filled with pretentiousness, this place made us feel as if we had been regulars (Hey Norm!) and customer service was never fleeting. We honorably gave our compliments to the chef and enjoyed a fascinating conversation with him that lasted well over five minutes.  These are the components that make a restaurant worth recommending and revisiting. Kudos to you Chef Christopher Shannon and we can’t wait to visit you and the flagship Peak Lookout restaurant that is also located in Hong Kong.  
T: The Peak Lookout restaurant is stellar to say the least. The restaurant offers an incredibly well-rounded menu satisfying the pallet of all walks of life. Innovative and thought-provoking are just a few words used to describe our dining experience. With my wife’s eyes rolling to the back of her head with every bite, offering an intricate layer of taste and texture, I was blown away. Besides, “a happy wife leads to a happy life.” Thanks, Chef Christopher Shannon!!! It’s quite evident that Chef Shannon and the Peak Lookout staff focuses on the totality of your dining experience through well thought-out preparation and graceful presentation. After a brief but enjoyable conversation with Chef Shannon, my wife and I were both thrilled with our dining experience and are enthusiastic to visit the Peak Lookout flagship restaurant in Hong Kong. With Peak Lookout’s immense menu, dynamic staff and innovative chef - Picasso of the pallet, this restaurant is a must visit for a superb dining experience at Hong Kong International. 

“You will enjoy the food, no doubt at Peak Lookout.”




Tsui Wah Restaurant (Hong Kong Airport)

N: Also located on the second floor, right next to the Peak Lookout Restaurant, this restaurant is geared towards regional Asian cuisines: Chinese, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Singaporean, etc. Hubby and I ordered the Spicy American Beef with Vermicelli, Shrimp and Spinach Dumplings in Fish Soup and Sweet Corn Juice.  The beef with vermicelli was served with sliced green onion sprinkled on top and looked more like soup than an entrĂ©e.  It was undeniably spicy but the recognizable flavors of lemongrass and basil were the stars of the dish. The beef was too fatty but it did add to the taste of the broth. Surprisingly, I was more impressed with the texture and taste of the noodles than the flavor of the broth.  The shrimp and spinach dumplings in fish soup were more enjoyable than the spicy beef.  The spinach had a nice crunchy texture as if it was fresh spinach wrapped around the encased shrimp that were humongous.  Similar to the taste of Egg Drop soup, this was a yummy dish.  Unfortunately, my sweet corn juice was horrible.  I love corn! It can be grilled, creamed, boiled, or fried and I will eat it, which is why I decided to venture out to try this drink.  I will not order this ever again.  It tasted like pureed frozen nibblers that were warmed over a hot flame.  It was neither sweet nor appetizing at all L… BOOOO!!!!!!

T: The Tsui Wah restaurant was a unique experience. With more of a westernized pallet, I did not find the cuisine to my liking. This restaurant caters to the essences of authentic Asian food via spicy broths, fatty meats pieces and boiled vegetables. I am sure that I can find something to my liking with more time. The cold, hard seats and vast menu of Asian delicacies may not be pleasing to most foreigners. It reminded me of a smooth-running fast food chain. I admired the efficiency and organization of the staff. The waiter takes your order, punches it into a tablet and before you know it, another staff member from the kitchen is bringing out your order. The checkout of the restaurant was truly inventive by offering the option of paying with your Octopus card (public transportation card). This option proves to be very convenient, especially to travelers with unused money left on their card. The wifey and I may not go back to this restaurant, but encourage those who enjoy the authentic Asian cuisine to give it a try. 





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