Saturday, April 6, 2013


Nadirah’s Perspective:

The topic of same sex marriages has been causing pandemonium lately.  From the radio, television, or internet, people have been giving their positive and negative opinions basing their beliefs from legal aspects, family structure, and/or my favorite, religion.  So we decided to give our point of view and hope that others can continue to respect our human rights. 

First, as a heterosexual woman, I know that everyone wants to be accepted, love somebody and be loved in return.  It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation, gender, race, creed, or species. Social acceptance becomes important in our adolescent years as we mature and become aware of our own thoughts, feelings, appearance, choice of friends and beliefs.   Why is it so hard for so many to understand why homosexuals want the same thing? I have friends who share a same sex household that are raising beautiful, smart, well-adjusted children within a loving home.   You can’t even say that about every household that contains a mother (female) and a father (male). To really be frank, most households typically have one parent playing both parental roles.   The point I’m getting at is this: people are making this issue more complicated than it has to be! 

If you have two people that love one another, are cohabitating in a non-abusive relationship, contributing to society by being law-abiding/tax-paying citizens, should it really matter their sexual preference?  The irony of all this is that religion is being thrown about as the reason why same sex marriages should be banned.  My next question is “When did God come down and delegated to these people that it was their job to pick out and condemn the ‘damned’?”   The God I was taught about and know is a loving God.  The God I know made everyone in his/her image.  The God I know wants us to love everyone, including our enemies.  The God I know is the only judge and jury.  Is this the same God that others are pointing shamed fingers in the name of; because if so, please remember that when you point your finger, you have three fingers pointing back at you?  Everyone has committed some form of a sin in their lifetime.  Let God handle all and be all and I bet we can have a better and more loving society!!!  

ALL WE NEED IS L-O-V-E!!!!!!!!!

Troy’s Perspective:

Same sex marriages have been the hot topic of conversation throughout our nation. Politicians, religious figures and citizens alike are heavily weighing in on the subject. Many base their decisions on morals, beliefs and overall opinions which are comprised by our upbringing and experiences that we’ve shared with others. As a loving couple we decided to voice our opinion on this heated debate.

            As a heterosexual man that truly appreciates the beauty and femininity of women, I was raised in a society where the LGBT community was frowned upon and shunned away from family, friends and communities. Members of the LGBT society were distanced, leaving them to only stay and commune among themselves.  Presently, the group that was once considered outcasts have further developed, grown and flourished into a well established and important part of our world.  Many are afraid of what they don’t understand; therefore, rather than accept, learn and better develop our understanding, it is always easier and more acceptable to exile a group. This has been the history of mankind throughout the ages with various races, creeds, religions and nationalities. This activity only perpetuates hatred, negativity and division.  

            Through valued discussion with my wife, friends and associates, this topic truly relies on the understanding of the individual. Similar debates have taken place throughout time with the equal opportunities of women, various races and now the LGBT community. As my wife previously mentioned, we should focus on the most important aspect of this topic, LOVE.

This world consists of two thought processes: Love and Fear. Those who fear use hatred towards all ideologies of what they refuse to understand. There are two important aspects to the same sex marriage debate: Love and People. Together, love + people creates a needed commodity across the world = Loving People. This is what makes human society flourish and further develop into something great. Two well-minded individuals who care and have love for one another should have the rights of marriage.  Don’t pass judgment for what you don’t understand or fear because the one person you hurt the most is yourself.

 LIVE LIFE AND LOVE among all… it’s the least you can do!!!

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