Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Nadirah’s Perspective:

Last Tuesday, my husband and I celebrated his upcoming birthday by eating dinner with another couple.  The final restaurant of choice was…let me open the envelope…Devon Seafood Grill! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh, how do I love this place and let me count the many ways in which it makes my mouth and tummy so very happy.  Thank you Alexis for your patience as we made changes every 30 minutes to finalize the # of guests, time of reservation, etc.  I graciously greeted her with a warm hug upon arrival. Our party was escorted downstairs to the dining area and we were blessed to have a genuinely attentive and hospitable server named Brian.  Fortunately, I knew through my weekly email deals that I was able to order the Tuesday hook-up (everyone should definitely sign up with this restaurant), which happened to be a shared appetizer sampler.  This filling appetizer consisted of jumbo lump crab cakes, fried calamari, shrimp scampi and a trio of sauces.  Brian insisted that we should partake in our drinks (I had an interesting Cucumber Dill Martini) and hot appetizers instead of worrying about our entrĂ©e selections and I couldn’t have agreed with him more.  It was the time and place to be in a celebratory mood without feeling the pressure to rush and make a final decision of “what to eat?!” Crab cakes were moist and flavorful, calamari was lightly breaded and not at all rubbery, and shrimp scampi was nicely chard in its butter sauce.  All in all, you didn’t need the trio of dipping sauces because the flavors needed no masking what so ever.   After the last crab cake was fought over (I won) Brian came right in time to take our orders. I ordered the 1 ¼ pound of King Crab Legs with my sides being Grilled Artichoke with Garlic Parmesan Aioli and Haricot Verts (French Green Beans). Listen, crab legs are my weakness but I looooove a crab leg that is already cracked/scissored (new word) for easier enjoyment. I went into crab lover’s frenzy as the crab meat sled straight from the shell and into my mouth without any problems.  However, I must admit that I didn’t quite enjoy my artichoke because it was too much work and not enough flavors while trying to eat the flesh.  On the other hand, the green beans were steamed to perfection…very crisp and well-seasoned.   
I must admit that I have yet experienced a bad night at this restaurant.  Devon prides itself on having a dynamic staff of greeters, servers, bartenders, and of course, chefs.  If given the chance, please go and taste wonderful seafood and definitely try the lobster tamale…sooooooo good!

Troy’s perspective:

Devon seafood grill is a restaurant that my wife and I have frequented many times before. Every time we are greeted, served, and waited on like royalty. With such a welcoming environment in a modern deco setting it is simply hard not to enjoy yourself. The prices at Devon are simply average in the midst of other seafood eateries, but with their stellar service…this gem is simply priceless.  I love eating at this restaurant so much that I ordered two entrees.  I ordered the Lobster Cobb Salad and the 1lb. Lobster tail. The Cobb salad was first-class!  It consisted of watercress, applewood smoked bacon, corn nuts, white cheddar, avocado, sweet potato shoestrings and tarragon ranch dressing that has a burst of flavor that is divine.  The lobster tail on the other hand was succulent and well seasoned.  I truly love the Devon experience every single time I go.

Low and behold the service at Devon is simply the best. As my wife mentioned, our reservations changed several times but Alexis (who took our reservations many times over) did not seem to mind at all. Our waiter Brian was phenomenal. He not only was very attentive to what we were looking for, but his suggestions from our drink selections, to our entrees, to dessert was nothing less than spectacular! Brian’s service was so outstanding that we felt obligated to mention his great service to his manager. Devon Seafood Grill - “where you are guaranteed a great experience everyday of the week.”  Devon is truly a must go to in the Chicago downtown area!!!

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