Saturday, May 19, 2012


Nadirah’s Perspective:

Last week’s review of Devon Seafood Grill made me reminisce about the best seafood restaurants we have had the pleasure of visiting and reviewing.  The Happy Lobster located in Puerto Vallarta is definitely on my top 3 most memorable foodie moments.  Yes, I’m aware that you must travel to Mexico to try the food but trust me when I write that it is totally worth it.  Let us begin… our appetizer was the in-house guacamole and salsa with chips; combined with a refreshing margarita (I’m so bad).  My entrée was a seafood platter that was so humongous, it was delivered to me on a serving tray.  It consisted of Grilled Shrimp, a gigantic Lobster Tail, and King Crab Legs with a side of herbed rice and steamed vegetables.  I can tell you that the service (thank you Ceaser and Carlos) and the food was muy bueno!  But just don’t take my literary word for it… look at these photos and video (excuse the lighting) and salivate with me.  
Oooooooh seafood… how do I love thee!!!!!!

Troy's Perspective: 

When recalling the Happy Lobster experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it brings about a sated smile and salivating tongue; not to mention a moment of silence as my wife devours her entrée. The smell of fresh lobster, mouth watering jumbo shrimp and succulent scallops truly captivated my sense of sight, smell and taste. It’s so hard to find the same quality for such a reasonable price. Looking back at the video, you can see my wife’s eyes bulge, while beads of sweat begins to drop from her upper lip and overwhelming excitement comes over her (I thought I was making her hot, but it was just the food).  Along with the meal, the summer breeze and mild temperature was amazing with Happy Lobster’s dining room exposing the beautiful elements of the Latin streets. With spectacular service, an excellent meal and reasonable prices, this place is top notch. Whenever in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, The Happy Lobster is a must to stop by and enjoy. Drink well, eat better and enjoy the experience... Happy Lobster… yeaaaahh!!!


  1. That food look delicious and nice article too

  2. I am just salivating reading your article and looking at the! LOOK at the size of these plates! BIG SEAFOOD - KING CRAB AND LOBSTER - FANS! Yummy!

  3. i should have gone here, I should have gone here. Three cabbies recommended the place. I just had so many places to revisit we ended up eating dinner twice a day. Not a bad thing at all. Next year this will be the spot. When you guys go back, try Dugarel in Bucerias!!! Happy Lobster we are coming!!


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